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Richness in Every Spoon.

Namaste & welcome to age old tradational Vedic farm. Thakur Singh gheewala.. "Swadh metti ke chulhe ka aur khusboo mitti ke matke ki " will promise to take you back to 80s... Since 5000years Desi Ghee holds a prominent place in Ayurvedic medicine and Indian culinary traditions due to is high health benefits ..We at our farm follow traditional methods "bilona churning " Mitti ka chulha ,Mitti ka matka aur Desi gae ka dhood to keep superior quality, taste & Aroma is "lajawab".

Trending on 5 star ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ratings on Google & other places we make A2 desi ghee from Desi Hallikar cows pride of South India from farmers of Hallikar community .Due to high demand low supply we make only small batches packed in a glass jars to retain its quality & served fresh across India  & abroad.

Thakur Singh Gheewala is a brand dedicated to bringing you the finest Quality A2 desi ghee. We craft our ghee using traditional Vedic bilona method ensuring its rich flavor, grainy texture and superior health benifits.

Our commitment lies in using only A2 milk from grass-fed Hallikar cows, renowned for their naturally nutritious milk. We avoid artificial hormones or growth enhancers, preserving the purity of our ghee.

Experience the difference of Thakur Singh Gheewala – a taste of tradition and a promise of quality in every jar.